KingComedy StandUp nöär den är bäst

Welcome to Stockholms coolest


King Comedy Club, where the king and queens of comedy come to perform.

Join us for an exclusive one-of-a-kind comedy event, where the best drinks are served along with the best jokes you ever heard.

King comedy offers a variety of comedy, but all in English.

Hosted by the very talented Milad Parchami, as your host,

we will guarantee you a night to remember.

King comedy club Music quiz, drinking games, and stand up comedy. A one of a kind comedy club where you can win a free drink and enjoy laughter from Swedens

best stand up comedians


Hire a comedian for your Event

Every Saturday, KING COMEDY opens its doors to the best comedians in the country. You get to be part of a unique evening that will never come back. The comedians who run can be hired for any event that you want to have at your place at work or privately.